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Discovery Learning:

Discovery learning is a unique feature of the Buddhi Primary environment where key learning in areas of social studies, language, problem solving and independent learning is facilitated through the process of discovery. Our focus here is on building topical learning through a range of theme based activities designed to foster curiosity and questioning in young children. The themes will generally relate to applied areas in social studies such as travel, wildlife, ancient civilisations, natural disasters, global events, cultural festivals, etc. Presently, children are exploring “travel” in our “discovery centre”

Preparing for Travel

At the Airport

In Flight Experience

Inquiry Learning:

Inquiry learning is one of the pillars of learning at Buddhi Primary where key learning in the areas of Science, Language, Math, problem solving and thinking are facilitated through the process of inquiry. Our focus here is on building critical and creative thinking skills through science based investigations. Students will have learning experiences about tools and skills necessary to conduct investigation and find answers. Children will be encouraged to use these skills in teacher directed inquiries which form the foundation for learning for concept based science in middle and high school years. Children will have opportunities to work through activities across the four scientific domains: Life, Physical, Earth and Space Science. Literacy and numeracy integration through books and activities offer meaningful and enjoyable reading practice while exposing them to core ideas of science. Currently our children are “learning to be scientists

Life Education:

Life Education another vital area of learning at Buddhi Primary focuses on work and social skills that are critical for successfully functioning as independent learners in high school through college years. Activities in art, drama, cooking, gardening & outdoor play  provide ample opportunities for children to work together in groups and completing tasks, allowing them to learn team skills and developing good work habits.