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Buddhi Physical Education Philosophy

We believe that sports & games provide conditions for children to test their limits and achieve difficult goals. It teaches them to think outside the box and to step outside their comfort zones. This education can benefit them in achieving greater success in academic and other fields.

We believe that sport & games activities encourage “drive” in students and help them understand and develop the spirit of achievement. What better way than sport for children to understand their strengths and limitations, and work towards achieving their goals.

At Buddhi the PE program seeks to provide fundamental aspects such as fitness, teaming, practice and sporting skills before moving onto game specific coaching. A variety of games such as cricket, football, throw ball, badminton, athletics and basketball are part of the program. There is also an emphasis on outdoor education where students are offered opportunities for experiencing outbound activities. Wider awareness of competitive sport at regional, national and international levels is encouraged through discussions, spectatorship and projects.

The Physical Education program at Buddhi is organized into Sports Education and Outbound Education categories.

Sports Education addresses fitness, games, PMP for better concentration and organized sports. The program is age-appropriate and the students’ abilities are considered when choosing a particular type of activity, sport or game.

Outbound Education spans the three domains of self, others, and the natural world and focuses on experiential learning in the outdoors. The main learning objectives are for students to:

  •  learn how to overcome adversity through problem solving & survival skills
  • enhance personal and social development through teamwork & leadership skills
  • develop a deeper relationship with nature through survival techniques and greater understanding of natural  environments
  •  build skills that will help them enjoy the great outdoors such as hiking, tramping, camping, etc.

Activities are conducted in the great outdoors amid ample natural features involving vegetation, terrain, climate, etc. to help provide a suitable environment for learning.