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We started at 7:15am. We stopped at 10am for breakfast at Kamat Lokaruchi, on the Mysore highway. We ate Dosa, idli and vada. After we finished, we got back into the bus and headed for Bandipur.

When we arrived we ate lunch, there was chicken, rice, dal, salad.  After we ate we played dog and the bone and this game where 2 of us were deer, 3 were tigers and the rest formed a barrier around the deer to try and stop the tigers from ‘eating’ them up.

A few of us went for a swim, Nikitha fell into the pool which was quite a funny sight while Shaun explored the property to take pictures. We relaxed for a couple hours.At around 6:15 there was a bonfire, where our camp instructor told us a story about the nearby tribes. After dinner, we all sat together and listened to music and played Uno till about 11.

In the morning Suhani woke us all up at 5 for the trek. We set out at 6:20am. We hiked up a hill, where we sighted a variety of birds. Shaun stopped to take photos. This was a great way to start the day. We returned to the campe feeling fresh and ready for the treasure hunt which was organised by our camp instructors, Nikhil and Prithvi. The treasure hunt lasted about an hour. Edha’s team won the treasure hunt. The hunt made us, a yummy meal awaited us. After lunch we relaxed until it was time for the safari. At 5:30 we left for a safari, we saw the silhouette of a peacock and 2 elephants. It got dark by 6:30. We stopped to look at a lake for 5 minutes. After we came back we played TT and hopscotch, Dev and Anushka were playing the guitar and singing. We ate dinner by 8:15. There was lasagne, fish and salad. The hotel management arranged for bonfire next to the pool. After this we sat outside one of our rooms, listened to music, and talked with each other.

The next morning some of us went for a trek early morning, the rest of us slept in till around 8:30. We ate breakfast; there was toast, omelet and baconWe all got into the bus and headed back to Bangalore.  We stopped at Adiga’s. All the boys ate grilled cheese, the girls ate Idli, grilled cheese and dosa. Suhani ate a butter paneer dosa which was surprisingly good. We got into the bus and continued our journey back. 5 minutes after leaving Adiga’s, we stopped at Dominoes/Café Coffee Day where some people got off to go to the restroom and buy water. At around 5pm a lot of mothers called asking where we were, and what time we would reach. We reached at around 5:45.

– Nikita and Mahek, High School, Buddhi