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Outbound Trip – Pondicherry

An out of town excursion provides not only educational experiences away from their regular classroom environment but it also is an opportunity for students to unwind and spend more time with friends. This outbound trip to Pondicherry was one such enjoyable time as they got to travel and stay overnight, share and play with friends and also participate in various fun activities planned jointly by Buddhi and Pegasus staff. We had a very special guest from New Zealand accompanying the students on this trip, and the students loved playing host and guide to her.


Pegasus camp is located right on the sea shore and our students had a fantastic time getting drenched in the waves, playing volleyball and tug-of-war on the sand and watching the sun rise. They also challenged themselves and thoroughly enjoyed all the outdoor activities setup by Pegasus outbound trainers and relished the awesome camp food.

Visiting the UNESCO site ‘Mahabalipuram’, the majestic monuments and the timeless temples as well as viewing the unique seashells in the museum was a memorable experience for all. We even visited the well preserved French colony and beautiful Auroville Mathrumandir, that mesmerized the students with its beautiful architecture.

One of the student’s reflected that it was the best thing that ever happened to them. Read on….

This trip can be described as the best thing that’s ever happened to them or just ‘eh’. I would describe it as a mix of both. The best parts were definitely going to the beach, taking a TON of pictures and being able to experience it with the people I love, and of course, going to Auroville and the French colony. The stay at the camp was quite nice actually. The food was really good, to be honest and the tents were on stilts which was different. The downside was that crows kept flying into our tent. On the bright side, I did a lot of things I never did in a long time. I went to the beach after years and it was breathtaking. You could feel the sea breeze in your face, smell the salty ocean air and watch the sun rise and set with a beautiful palette. Plus, I tried rappelling for the first time. It wasn’t as nerve racking as I thought it would be because I think I’m scared of heights. But overall I would want to repeat this trip in the future.

– Sithara Chari