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Hi! My name is Snigdha. I am with the middle school group at Buddhi. I would like to tell you about my experience at Dodbalapur. This might be the third time we are going to Pegasus Camp in Dodbalapur, but the excitement never stops! So, let’s start right from the beginning. The senior primary and junior middle school were the only ones traveling to Dodbalapur, together there only were 18 of us along with our two teachers, Rupa and Aswathy Ma’am and of course Rathnama aunty


It was about 2 ‘o’ clock in the afternoon on the 10th of Nov and the weather was pleasant. We all boarded the bus and began our journey. Our bus was like a mad house, all of us munching on some snacks and singing along with the groovy music. I’m sure people outside were wondering what was wrong with us!

By the time we reached it was around 3:30PM ,and most of us feeling pumped, while some still feeling nauseous. We were guided to our tents and shortly afterwards, were given some snacks and time to freshen and rest. We were told to assemble in a gazebo close to the entrance of the campus at 5:00 and so we did. I thought we would have the same instructor as we did have last time, however we surprisingly had three new instructors, Karthik sir, Keerthi ma’am and Anurima ma’am.

As usual we all had a small activity to get to know each other. Once this activity was done we were taken around the campus to see all the plants and vegetables grown over there, Srinivas uncle one of the Pegasus staff showed us around. The next 15 minutes we had a discussion on what was so special today. Finally, we concluded that the 10th of November was Tipu Sultan Jayanti the day where the people of Mysore celebrate his birthday. All of us gathered around a computer to watch a small documentary on Tipu Sultan. Later on we had a 5-minute debate on a quote. Our activities were done by 7:00 which meant we had our own time.

At 8:00 we all assemble at a bonfire next to our gazebo and did an activity called the gratitude circle. In this activity, we would thank anybody who helped us or anyone who you think you should thank. Soon after the activity followed an amazing dinner. Eventually at headed back to our tents at 9 and slept a few hours later.


Today our wakeup call was at 6:00and waking up so early was a big task. We all were curious to know what we were doing today as the instructors said it was a surprise! So, we all hurriedly got ready and after a hearty breakfast, we walked to the gazebo, that wasn’t too far away from the dining hall. Once all of us were settled in our places Karthik sir announced that we were heading to Nandi hills to see Tipu Sultan’s summer palace. Half of the group were quite thrilled about the idea while the other half were somewhat disappointed because they had been to Nandi hills a couple of times before.

Our bus started at 9:45 from the camp. The journey was long but we kept ourselves entertained by singing songs. You could tell that we were getting closer to the top as we started ascending the hill. The curves got sharper, and every turn it felt like our bus would roll down the hill! When we came to the parking lot, the only two things I noticed were MONKEYS and really small, cute puppies! WE first climbed up a small flight of stairs and went past a sign board that said ‘Tipu Sultan Lodge’. On the way up we saw these small and big holes in the walls which were supposed to be for cannons and guns!

I assumed that the journey uphill was short but, we ended up taking half an hour to get up to this big, wide junction which consisted of 5-6 medium sized restaurants and shops. All of us, totally exhausted had a glass of lemonade provided by the Pegasus camp. 15 minutes later we walked up into this small place hidden behind the trees. Over there were few people digging a pit beside a fairly big tree most probably got from a nursery. Ramesh sir had taken his time to come and teach us how to plant a tree. After we were done planting the tree we visited many places.

  • Tipu’s winter palace, a small palace on Nandi hills where Tipu would spend his summers.
  • Nehru Nilaya, a bungalow built by the British after Tipu’s death which also has been occupied by Jawaharlal Nehru for a few days.
  • Gandhi Nilaya, a bungalow where Gandhi ji stayed in for 66 days to cure his illness.
  • A small water tank where horse used to go to have some water (now empty)
  • Statue of Nandi made by the Cholla dynasty.
  • Temple next to the Nandi statue which is now closed.
  • Horse way, the path Tipu would use to come to the top of Nandi hills.
  • Secret escape route, a passage which Tipu would use to escape.
  • A temple made by the Cholla dynasty which also contains work made out of panchaloha (five metal alloy)
  • Tipu’s drop, an open area with small drops of the wall where prisoners were thrown down from.

After visiting Nandi hills, we all headed to the M. Visweswaraya Museum in Chickbalapur. This was a small museum about Visweswaraya’s achievements like the Bharath Rathna. They were many photographs and awards displayed there. This museum was right next to the house he lived in!


Today we woke up at 6:30AM and had a bath. At 8:00 we had our breakfast and by 9:15 we left the camp, back to Bangalore. Some of them were sad to leave while the others weren’t.

To me,this trip was different from the rest ,although I did get tired. This was an educating trip, but not so fun…I learnt a lot, however I still did like my previous trip in Pegasus.