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High School Education

Welcome to Buddhi High School – a unique school blending world class educational programs to bring the best in international education to young adults. With a special focus on building capacities that the world of the future will demand, Buddhi offers a complete program that will equip young individuals to deal with what is expected in the future. Through a combination of the best in academic learning and emphasis on those cognitive abilities and life-skills that will command a premium in the years ahead, we offer a program that is focused not just on acquisition of knowledge, but also on practical application of concepts and skills learnt.

At Buddhi, we recognise that today’s teens have very different learning needs and expectations and we offer highly personalised education for every student. While the program is focused on a foundation in Language arts, Humanities and Science, we offer students options of venturing outside the formal curriculum through independent projects and internships. Beyond helping students get good grades and a passport for progression to higher learning, we offer a programme that offers students skills that will bring them life long success in tomorrow’s  world.  Our endeavor is to give our students,

  •  Essential skills to be well rounded learners and these include (not limited to)
    • Goal setting
    • Teamwork
    • Time management
    • Problem solving
  •  Sensitivity and responsiveness to change
  •  Intellectual Inquiry
  •  Ability to apply understanding in unfamiliar situations
  •  Research and critical thinking skills
  •  Communication and influencing skills
  •  Cultural awareness
  •  Personal and Social Responsibility

Cross curricular perspectives are an integral part of our high school programme and we believe that making connections between subjects, skills and other dimensions creates coherence for learners and increases engagement and motivation for students and teachers.

High School Learning Programme

The Buddhi High School curriculum is based on the International GCSE and International A level (IAL) programs from Edexcel, London. An international curriculum that develops students’ skills in creative thinking and problem solving, it also gives them an excellent preparation for the next stage in their education. The High School curriculum is intended to progress students through the International GCSE and International A level (IAL) courses in preparation for the final evaluating examination.

For more details about the International GCSE and International A level (IAL) curriculums please visit the links below



Buddhi also offers the NIOS (National Institute of Open Schools) based secondary and higher secondary curriculum, and prepares students opting for these examinations as per international learning standards described above. For more details about the NIOS curriculum please visit the link below



The learning programme in our high school classrooms are highly individualised and focuses on independent learning with the expectation that all students take responsibility for their own learning. With small group learning and one-one tutorials being the norm, students are able manage the pace of learning to suit their individual needs. Students are also offered a range of learning experiences to optimise their learning styles and these include

  • Small group sessions
  • Flipped classrooms
  • One-One tutorials
  • Projects and hands on activities
  • Online tutorials

Apart from delivering academic knowledge & skills, the high school years will focus on providing invaluable feedback for students, teachers and parents about the strengths and abilities of students. Teachers then use this information to make effective use of resources to maximize the success of students in taking on the certifying examinations.

The Arts and Physical Education are an important part of our learning environment and students can choose to participate in these areas for further learning as well. Our teachers support students engaged in specialized extra curricular training such as sports and the arts, to match their individualised schedules.

Topical content and other resources for lessons and activities are again based on Edexcel resources and the latest sources from internet and books.

Program Implementation

Secondary & Higher Secondary Programme at Buddhi

Buddhi offers secondary & higher secondary learning and exam preparedness in two categories of board examinations – IGCSE/GCE AS & A level and NIOS

International GCSE/ International A levels (IAL)

The international learning option at Buddhi is based on the Edexcel International GCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and GCE AS & A Level (General Certificate of education) qualification programs for secondary and higher secondary levels respectively.  International GCSE qualification is equivalent to grades 9 and 10 of the academic system in India. GCE AS & A level qualifications is equivalent to grades 11 and 12 of the Indian Academic System.  Edexcel is a UK based Board awarding international school level qualifications and these are equivalent to similar qualifications offered by Indian educational qualification boards such as SSLC, ICSE & CBSE. These qualifications are recognized by major Indian Universities and Institutes.

Towards gaining these qualifications, students are required to take up at least 5 subjects at the International GCSE level with English and Math being compulsory. The remaining subjects are offered as set groups to enable students to progress to their chosen fields at the GCE AS & A levels. The subjects offered currently at Buddhi are as below.

Subjects available at the International GCSE & International A Levels

Study StreamsInternational GCSEInternational A Levels
Business/FinanceBusiness Studies, Economics, CommerceBusiness, Business Studies,
Economics, Accounting
LanguagesEnglish B, French, HindiEnglish, French
ScienceBiology, Chemistry, Physics,
General Science (Single Award),
General Science (Double Award)

TechnologyICTInformation Technology
MathematicsFoundation Tier Math,
Higher Tier Math
HumanitiesGeography, Global CitizenshipGeography, History

Subjects available at the NIOS Secondary & Senior Secondary

Study StreamsNIOS SecondaryNIOS Senior Secondary
Business/FinanceBusiness StudiesBusiness Studies, Economics,
LanguagesEnglish, HindiEnglish, Hindi
ScienceScience & Technology,
Home Science
Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
Home Science, Environmental Science
TechnologyData Entry OperationsComputer Science
HumanitiesSocial ScienceGeography, History

Study Support:

A wide rage of resources and support services are available for the International GCSE and GCE AS & A level qualifications.  This includes:

  • Subject Specifications
  • Sample assessment materials
  • Schemes of work
  • Student Books
  • Digital Resources

For more information on International GCSEs and GCE AS & A levels please visit

For more information on NIOS specifications please visit

or contact our school office for further inquiries