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  • Nov

    Time: 9:00 am

    Location: Pegasus camp, Pune

    15 of our middle school students, accompanied by their teachers Ms. Samyuktha and Mrs. Rathna Samson, went to Pegasus Institute at Pune for their annual outbound trip and this time it was for a whole week, from 12th to 16th November!

    After a thrilling air journey, the excited group reached the ‘Pegasus Camp’ by evening and were greeted by a lovely sight. The camp is located 84 km from Pune airport and is a heaven for nature lovers. The students got an opportunity to behold nature at its best and thoroughly enjoyed the change from the concrete jungle they all live in. The students were ready for adventure and straightaway got down to exploring the camp! After a meeting with their camp instructors and detailed instructions on camp conduct and safety, they all settled into their comfortable rooms.

    The fun started from the word go, as they enthusiastically enjoyed the freshness of the air and were overwhelmed to see themselves surrounded by a beautiful lake and rolling hills all around. Then came activities for them that challenged their thinking and work abilities, which they completed very sportingly and learnt a lot about themselves in the process. As darkness set in, it was time for their night meal around the campfire and the students enjoyed singing, dancing and bantering around their friends over a memorable dinner!

    The visits to Simhgarh fort, Karla/Bedse caves and the Environment school near Lonavala, which makes the best of waste left by tourists, was aimed at enabling our students to develop an appreciation and create awareness about their country’s history, cultural roots, environment conservation and sustainable living. They were introduced to fascinating historical facts and sights as well as the knowledge and awareness for protection and conservation. ‘We should preserve every scrap of material as priceless, while we learn to use it and come to understand what it means to humanity’ – lofty words indeed, but invaluable learning for them about the steps we can take to save our environment.

    Here below are what some of the students have written of their experience:

    Leaving for the trip it’s gonna be a blast, We’re gonna savour every moment until the last. Once we reached, mishaps occurred But still overcome with excitement we all slurred. Long bus rides we had to bear, But complain about It we would not dare. We had too much fun along the way So making noise would ruin the day. Spending time with all our friends, Having fun would never end!

    You’d think a hearty meal would end the night? You’ll be surprised to see that you’re definitely not right. Wholesome food was just the start, For talking all night was the best part. During the day was fun as well But the weather was hot and that wasn’t swell. Soon the end came and it was awfully sad. Saying goodbye was tremendously bad. But an amazing time we all had for sure. New experiences Like this we definitely can’t wait for!

    – Yasho

    The Pune Trip was all round an awesome and fun experience, but personally the Singhad visit was the best part. It was really nice seeing the fort, and the view from the hill top was beautiful. I learnt quite a bit about the ancient history behind the fort, the caves were used as resourceful but also secret escapes. It was built perfectly as a military strategic defence as any attack would be very difficult from the location. The actual fort itself was still amazing, some the sculptures and the prayer hall were also quite unique. But the experience was really cool, and I highly recommend to visit the fort if you are already in Pune, it’s worth the trip.
    – Manav Hariraj

    The trip to Pune with my classmates was one of the most enjoyable experiences to date. It was filled with fun and happiness, and I’m grateful to the school for organizing this trip for us, and to Rathna and Samyukta Ma’am.
    So, first we all assembled at Kempegowda International Airport’s departure gates by 8:15 in the morning. After saying goodbyes to our family who came to drop us, we went inside in a line and went to check in our luggage. It was a pretty quick process, and afterwards we all went through security, which I actually enjoyed a lot. Airports in general make me feel amazing, I just love the vibe of it.
    Then, we had some time to eat or look around the airport, so we did! Some of us rushed to KFC for some greasy goodness, and others decided on some healthier options. Then, by 10:00 AM we were boarding. I was getting nervous, as I love airports but hate planes. Quite ironic. Now in the interior of the plane, some of us switched seats and put on our headphones to relax for the ride, while I was getting really excited but anxious as well.
    Then came take off, which was scary. I clutched onto the seat extremely hard. Once the plane was cruising through the air and the airhostess began to serve food, I felt at ease, as I knew that everything is okay. I spoke with my friends, sang silently and even danced for a bit. The plane ride was very enjoyable!
    And then came the infamous landing. I, of course, was getting thrilled but landings always scare me. And oh wow, this one did! At first it was going pretty well, until the plane literally dropped onto the runway and zoomed at an extremely high speed, which I’m sure isn’t normal. It was like my heart was beating at 100000 MPH. And then, everything seemed good and normal. We landed in Pune and it was a start of a new and fresh experience.
    – Anvita