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  • Mar

    Time: 6:00 pm

    Location: Alliance Francaise, Bangalore

    NEBULA 2017 – LET LOOSE!

    The Buddhi team of students and staff put up a stupendous performance at Nebula 2017, the school’s biennial stage production. The children performed to a full house and entertained the audience with the hilarious musical, “Let Loose!”, created by Andrew Oxspring. The entire school got together to plan the show, under the direction of Ms. Umang Mohan, our stage director and Ms. Rajeshwari Kulkarni our school head. The team of teachers got together as one, to work tirelessly on everything that needed to be done. The task was huge involving scripts, music, costumes, stage props, rehearsals, sound & lights invitations, food and much more.

    As Nebula 2017 got underway, everyone geared up from day one for a dazzling performance and rehearsals and preparations were the highlight of each school day. Children  memorized their lines, even complicated words which had everyone breathing a sigh of relief!

    On stage the young actors got into character straightaway and improvised their roles like pros, wherever needed. The choir sounded amazing, with the vocal solos taking everyone’s breath away! Dance sequences choreographed to perfection had the children all dancing enthusiastically and in perfect time to the music. The props and backdrops transformed the stage and transported the audience to another world.

    As if the play itself wasn’t enough the school had a surprise in store for all the guests – a gift hamper filled with goodies to eat during the show, was designed and prepared by the children.

    The show left everyone wanting more and the countdown for the next production has already begun. Nebula 2019 is just round the corner, don’t go anywhere!