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    Time: 9:00 am

    Location: School

    Math week at Buddhi School started with a bang on 4th December 2017. It seemed that the entire school was talking and thinking math. Each bulletin board, each display, made by the children, had some math concept to show and tell. The puzzle centre had some interesting puzzles like the Soma cubes and the Tower of Hanoi as well as some fun activities, brainteasers and riddles. It also had snap cubes, place value blocks and colour counters for the children to try out math operations. The centre had something for everyone, including the teachers.
    The Tower of Hanoi and the Soma cubes were a hit amongst everyone. It was interesting to watch the teachers and children sitting together and solving puzzles. The primary children tried out different activities on translation and symmetry. The children were given coupons saying, ‘Good Job’ and ‘Thanks for Participating’ which they could exchange for gifts at Pits Stop. The successful children also got smiley badges.
    The construction centre had building blocks, foam blocks and other interesting materials, which the children could use to build anything to scale. It also had clay, toothpicks and straws for the children to make different 2-D shapes showing the vertices and the sides of each shape.
    The Art centre was open for the children to draw, create and colour different shapes and to do activities on symmetry. The children made different shapes like square, triangles and rhombus using coloured sheets and created things by origami.
    The high school children organised a treasure hunt for the middle school and transition children. The children were grouped into four groups and each group was a given secret codes. The groups had to keep on solving the codes to go on to the next clue. The final clue was hidden in the library, which led the children to the final treasure. There was whole lot of excitement among the children.
    Math had brought everyone together at Buddhi. The children as well as the teachers came motivated to try out new puzzles and challenging tasks. It was interesting to watch the way middle and high schoolers were solving the various math puzzles together and got the right answer to one of the Einstein puzzles.
    The math week at Buddhi finally came to an end with the children putting up brilliant performances in front of the parents. All the performances had something to tell about math. Parents went around looking at the display boards done by the children and tried their luck at the various puzzles in the puzzle centre. All the children contributed in their own way and participated in making the math week a great success.