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  • Mar

    Time: 9:00 am

    Location: School

    Our much awaited Masterchef challenge was held at the end of term 1 on 28th March 2018 with great fun and galore. The theme for this year’s Masterchef was ‘Street Food’ and our young chefs displayed the best of culinary and marketing skills as they sold their fare out of food trucks, that they set up on challenge day! Not ones to be left behind, our little chefs battled it out in a Mystery Box challenge that saw them conjuring up delectable treats out of simple ingredients as our audience of parents and visitors watched and tasted in surprised delight!

    There was a frenzy of action from day one – from forming teams, planning of menus, working on the budget, designing the food trucks, making preparations for cooking, baking, frying, freezing, making last minute arrangements to even adhering to ‘eco-friendly’ practices – the entire journey was thrilling to say the least!

    The outcome of all this on challenge day was stupendous! The food obviously stole the show, with luscious chocolate mousse by the ‘Incredibles’, mouth watering paani poori by ‘Zesty Bites’, colourful appetising pasta salad & dips by ‘Eat-aly’ and a delectable brownie-cream-oreo dessert by the ‘Sous Chefs’. It was a food festival fit for the kings!

    Zesty Bites were the champions with maximum sales of Rs.8,500. Great going young entrepreneurs! Sous Chefs garnered the most votes in the poll with 22 votes, while Zesty Bites and Eat-Aly got 20 votes each, and Incredibles won 19 votes. Clearly, all were winners in our opinion as it turned out to be such a close contest!

    No doubt such an incredible success would not be possible without the people! Each team had its super-heroes who stood out as stars and steered their teams to victory. There was patience, teamwork, innovation, clever thinking, organisational & financial skill being demonstrated, and several other qualities of which focus and grit were very obvious.

    Congratulations budding chefs! You really worked hard to make each food item delicious and the event to cherish. We know you have a lot to take back home from Buddhi Masterchef and we are absolutely sure it is an education no classroom or text-book can ever provide!