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  • Aug

    Time: 9:00 am

    Location: School

    Amidst the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic situation and the consequential guidelines on precautionary measures Independence Day celebrations at Buddhi this year was organized with a ‘virtual’ twist. It was however, as significant as always, and well attended by our school community.

    It started with our principal inviting everyone to be a part of the 74th ‘virtual’ Independence Day celebration, via zoom on 15th August 2020 at 9am. Students and parents were excited to attend from their homes and very appreciative that they could celebrate the special day as always.

    The virtual event was very well planned and a great success!


    The early learners in their ultra-chic tricolored attire added a special patriotic charm and fresh dimension to the experience, which they showed off on-screen with great pride, making the celebration unique indeed. It seemed that a halo of patriotic hue surrounded all the tiny tots on the screen this day.


    A week before the children and senior students worked on various activities with their Art teacher,  Ms. Sushma, and  created  beautiful art and  craft items  around  the themes  of brotherhood  and  freedom,  that  were  shared  with a  delighted audience  during  the celebration. We congratulate the students on their creative talent and thank the parents for their constant support, and for creating enriched learning environments at home for their children.

    It was a wonderful collaborative effort by teachers, students and the parents, and was indeed a very enjoyable event. We ended the celebrations by singing the national anthem together, and signed off acknowledging the efforts of everyone who facilitated this event so seamlessly. Jai Hind!