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    Halloween Celebrations at Buddhi

    Celebrating festivals are fun and enjoyment for children, more so when it’s Halloween! It’s an occasion for them to dress up in eerie Halloween costumes and scare people.

    This October 31st, the Buddhi children celebrated this festival with fervor and excitement. The middle school children planned what and how they would celebrate meticulously, from decorating their classroom to dressing up to dancing and eating candy. Their classroom was transformed with splashed red paint, cobwebs and spiders etc. to make it look like a spooky haunted place and everyone came dressed up as cats, ghost, dracula, monster, and other creepy characters they could make up.

    The primary children came dressed as skeletons, cats, ghosts and Ironman for Halloween celebration at school. The senior and the junior primary decided to put up short skits taking ghosts as the main theme. The two groups came up with their own short stories, dialogues and props. They showed good teamwork and delegated roles and dialogues taking the strengths of weaknesses of each child into consideration. The children showed confidence and were unperturbed by the reactions of the audience. They enjoyed staging the skits and sharing lunch together which they had got from home.

    It was quite an interesting experience for all of them; they thoroughly enjoyed dancing, talking and sharing stories, playing games and happily feasting on goodies they had brought with them.

    Here are a couple of personal narratives from our middle school students to give a glimpse of how they celebrated.

    Halloween is not Indian. But we were determined to celebrate it, too. So, on the day of Halloween, we all came dressed as classic Halloween characters, like a vampire, a mummy, a zombie and a ghost. But some of us were even more ingenious and came dressed as Eugene from the Walking Dead and a dead girl and a black cat. A few also came dressed as ‘not so scary’ characters like Mario and Sherlock Holmes.

    We all decorated our classrooms with fake blood and spider webs. We also wrote stuff on the whiteboard like: ‘Help!’ and ‘Dead victims alive!’ The middle schoolers planned a class party where everyone was assigned to bring a specific food item. A few of us were absent, thus missing out on the celebrations. We played a few games such as: Twister, Uno, Housie and Throw the Hoop. While playing, we munched on some snacks like: Chips and candy. At lunchtime, we brought out our yummy dishes. Pavani brought plates, cutlery and cups. Yasho and Shreya brought some cupcakes and cakes for dessert. Eeksha, Aditi and Jaisimha brought pasta, noodles and mushroom stir-fry. Allen and Vishal brought nachos and chips. Advay got the candy, which we happily sucked on during the games! Manav got the music and Pavani got her speaker.

    The transition grade also brought food like pizza, subs and burgers. They too, decorated their class with blood and writing on the door.

    At the end of the lunch break, we all cleaned the class together. By the time we were done, it was time to go.

    The day was certainly exhausting, but loads of fun!


    A week or so before Halloween we had started decorating our classroom alongside decoration of the school for Diwali was underway. The day before Halloween we discussed and finalized what and who would bring snacks, soft drinks and who we were dressing up as.

    The day of Halloween was really fun. We started off by just sitting in class; playing some music and then we (tried) playing cards and a game of Uno. After that, we blasted the music and we started dancing. Any and every style of dance we could think of. In fact, Rhea K stood on top of the cabinets and started dancing.

    We let the dancing tire us up so that we could eat. We might have over planned because we had enough food for a third world country! Plus we went around the school giving everyone candy. Once we finished our share of the lunch, the juniors came and took some of our lunch, which we had plenty to spare. I had gone home half-day, but everyone else went outside school and gave away our leftover food to those in need.