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    Time: 9:00 am

    Location: Pegasus camp, Doddaballapur

    Memories of school trips are among the most prominent of the formative years, largely because they are a welcome break in the routine for both students and teachers. While their purpose is essentially to educate, they can also be a fun bonding experience for everyone involved. Our Senior primary students thoroughly enjoyed their one and half hours of bus journey to Doddaballapur Pegasus Camp during which time they happily munched on snacks while chattering incessantly.

    After reaching the camp, the host welcomed the children with delicious snacks and led them to their respective tents. After having quick refreshments all the children were taken for a campus exploration wal. All of them were excited to see new members in the campus – Emu birds! Wow! Later they returned to their tents and engaged in some free play till dinner time. Imagine their delight at being greeted by a bright and blazing bonfire at the dining venue. What a treat!

    Next day morning they set out for a trek to the lake. After enjoying the lovely terrain and a vigorous walk, the children had a hearty breakfast. What followed was a whole day of interesting activities which all the children enjoyed and participated with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. After a delicious lunch which had some home-grown vegetables, the children got together to plan their night party. As the afternoon heat subsided, they all gathered at the obstacle course on the field again. They cleared each hurdle with surprising determination that seemed to have been born of the time they had spent outdoors during the last 24 hours and everyone cleared the course without a hitch. The very tall Burma Bridge of course was the most popular of the hurdles and traversing it was great fun and also made them feel supremely confident and fearless! Next was the highly awaited party “Buddhi Got Talent” which had the children rollicking and jumping around the bonfire again and the eventful day ended with a delicious dinner.

    Pegasus camp Dodbalapur
    Every year senior primary, 6th grade and junior primary go to a camp called Pegasus camp, and it is located in Dodbalapur. Our school Buddhi owns Pegasus. It is owned buy the founders husband. We call him captain Ravi. There are three other camps and they are in Pondicherry, Pune and Dehradun. Last year we had also gone to camp in Dodbalapur it was very fun. This year we went again and we did have different activities from last year. Each year two teachers come to Dodbalapur. Lat year Rupa ma’am and Ashwathi ma’am came, this year Ashwathi ma’am and Vibutie ma’am came. The activities were so much fun and so interesting. One of the activities the boys and girls were on one team, there were equal teams 9 boys and 9 girls. Anyways everyone one on your team at to fit into one single Tyer!
    Well the outside stretchy rubbery outside part of the tyer, so we tried to do this first. All the fat and tall people went in first nd the smalol went and surrounded them. But it did not work. So this is what we did, the fat and tall strong ones went in and stretched it on corners and left some space for the small ones to get in. Nila, Kanchan and Naha pulled really hard. When we finished Ahana was getting choked! At least we came first.
    I had a lovely time!
    THANK YOU!!!! 😋
    I also loved the food ! ! 🙂
    – Urvi Gajjar