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    Time: 9:00 am

    Location: School

    Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Quite often in today’s world it is thought of more as a time to party! So Buddhi set out to change this notion for our students and instead make it about a time to share and spread love and happiness to all around us. We wanted the children to experience the true spirit of Christmas.

    We started therefore with our senior school students visiting Wesley Home for the aged on 17th Dec, to share Christmas joy with the residents there. Needless to say, they were extremely touched by the gesture and our students learnt a valuable lesson of respecting the elderly and understanding that all that they want is to be loved. The students were very surprised the know how much their new friends had to share. One of the elders had travelled to 70 countries. Wow! The students took handmade cards, fruits and biscuits, which was received with real pleasure by the residents. The children then entertained them with Christmas carols and danced for them too. By the end of the visit, the children had managed to put a smile on each of their faces and received a whole lot of blessings, hugs and kisses in return. A heartwarming experience for sure and a wonderful way to begin the Christmas season!

    Back at school the corridors of Buddhi were being decked with all the trimmings and decorations the children had beautifully created in their art class. Children of preschool and primary decorated the brand new Christmas tree, with ornaments that they had previously made in school and hung them up with sense of belonging and pride

    On 18th, we saw all the children and teachers arriving at school dressed in Christmas colours – red, white and green! The festivities began with primary children singing a medley of Christmas carols followed by the middle school band and our mini choir performing, ‘Jingle Bell Rock’. We had a surprise visitor – guess who?…. It was none other than our very own Santa Claus, popping up suddenly much to the joy of our young ones, who shrieked in delight and excitement. Our tiny tots jumped up and danced along with Santa while grabbing as much candy as they could and relished all the treats.

    Then came the ever popular Secret Santa event. The primary children each brought a small gift to present to a fellow student, as per the concept of Secret Santa. Each child picked a name from a bowl filled with all the names of the children in their class and they then presented their gift to that child. All the gifts were brown paper wrapped and decorated by the children themselves in their art class. The children could barely contain their excitement on receiving their gifts, which they opened almost immediately on receiving them.

    The dining room was buzzing with excitement, when the children were told that there was ice cream for dessert! With topping of their choice – chocolate and strawberry syrup, sprinkles and chocolate chips – for the first time we witnessed children finishing their lunch in record time and running to queue up for their dessert! The children devoured the ice cream in no time and ran for a seconds and thirds. It was an absolute pleasure to watch the children enjoy the ice cream so thoroughly. They say, ‘Happiness comes in small packages.’ Ice cream brought happiness to the children that day and watching this happiness brought joy to the hearts of the staff and management.

    We all parted ways wishing each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!