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    Time: 10:30 am

    Location: School

    The last week of our school year was celebrated uniquely with a Christmas spirit. On day one, Mr. Manjunath our PE teacher organised neighbourhood games for children & senior students. This was a different take on the usual sporting matches we hold ever year! ‘Lagori’ in a modern style – using marker cones instead of stones was the highlight of the day! The primary children & seniors had a blast playing this game and we had our early learners cheering for them. Christmas cinnamon-ginger cookies baked by middle schoolers and subsequently decorated with lemon frosting by our younger children provided a delicious flavour to the celebration.


    On the second day, children came dressed in Christmas colours of red, green and white showing off their beautiful outfits. Our toddlers obviously stole the show and looked amazing! In keeping with the spirit of Christmas, our primary students each brought a toy from their personal collection that was their favourite or special to them, and which they would be willing to share with someone who couldn’t afford to have such a toy. It was heartening to see the notes written on their gift cards. Each of them had written a very personal note–wishing them a Merry Christmas and why they loved the toy that they were gifting, and hoping that that it would bring the receiver as much joy as it had brought them. The middle schoolers helped set up a Christmas tree and the toddlers and primary kids had great fun decorating it. After snacks, the children sang carols and had great fun dancing to Christmas melodies. We even had the teachers tapping in time and swaying along. Lunch time saw, all of them opening their own boxed lunches that they brought from home, and ate it with their friends, sharing their food with each other in picnic style! The last day was spent watching movies and hanging out with their friends and teachers, and helping clean & clear up. There was good cheer everywhere and a great sense of satisfaction at another year well spent at Buddhi!