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  • Feb

    Time: 9:00 am

    Location: XlR8

    It was competitive sport time at Buddhi again! Buddhi Matches 2017, was held at the XLR8 & Chairman’s Club from 1 to 3 Feb, 2017. Football, Rock Climbing, Swimming and Badminton events had children super excited as they competed with themselves and their mates in closely contested matches. Football saw kids arrive at the arena kitted in near professional gear and Seniors, Juniors and sub Juniors all played with gusto in the best-of-three format of fast paced and action packed games. Needless to say strong sportsmanship and team work were the highlight of the day! The teams engaged in excellent footwork along with good passing techniques and exhibited great determination in turning their passes into goals. The goal keepers not to be left behind stayed fiercely focused and along with steadfast defenders, gave the attack squad a run for their money! We were delighted to spot some truly talented players exhibiting excellent dribbling and field skills. The children and spectators alike roared ecstatically when goals were scored, not to mention the collective groans when the same were saved! All in all it was a thrilling morning for all. Everyone agreed the best was to watch the camaraderie amongst our kids right through the competition. Great playing kids, referees and coaches! Close on the heels of the ever popular Football, Buddhi children continued the exciting run in Rock climbing, Swimming and Badminton too. Enthusiastic parents and students witnessed their children race through the water in free-style, breast and butterfly events cheering loudly and urging every contestant to finish! Swift hand and foot work was a delight to watch in badminton as were some of surprisingly long rallies that didn’t see the shuttle touch ground for over a minute! The icing on the cake of course was witnessing the senior students scale the 50 ft high rock wall, which some achieved in under a minute. Great going kids. You make us all very proud!