• 92420 20302

  • Aug

    Time: 9:00 am

    Location: XLR8

    The annual Buddhi Matches were organised at XLR8 sports centre from 1st to 3rd August 2018. Matches for badminton, swimming, football and basketball were conducted for ages 7 to 16 in various categories. The children were tremendously excited and eager to compete against each other. The had trained hard in the previous weeks and were well prepared for the upcoming challenge! The juniors participated in swimming and football events, while the seniors took on competitive events in swimming, badminton, football and basketball. Parents and guests were equally charged up and cheered them hard showing their enthusiasm and support.

    The matches were keenly contested by children displaying amazing skill for ones so young and employed impressive strategies and tactics in the team events. We were pleased to see the young athletes very focused during their matches and many of them showed a lot of grit in the Swimming and Badminton events. Endurance and determination came through strongly while we saw them pushing hard to win that extra point or cover that seemingly impossible bit of distance!

    What made the experience very special and delightful for spectators was the excellent sportsmanship displayed by our young athletes. It made us proud to see the players passionately defending their territory while also gracefully acknowledging their opponents. Win or lose, the spirit of sports was preserved. Congratulations kids!