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    Time: 10:30 am

    Location: Buddhi School

    Primary Presentations

    Our  primary  children  had  their  virtual  term  end  presentation  on  26th, 29th and 30th March 2021 with  full  enthusiasm  and   fun. The  first  day  we  had  a  slideshow  of  the inquiry  projects  of  our  junior  primary  and  videos  showing  the  different  experiments  and  projects  that  our  budding  scientists  had  tried out. The slideshow exhibited the models  of  living  spaces  made by the  junior primary for their favourite  animals. While some children from senior  primary  displayed  experiments such as sticky ice and a solarpowered  oven, others  showed their  country projects under the Project Geos topic.                               

    On the second day, videos of  more country  projects and  experiments such as  the  straw  rocket and  the  lemon  volcano  were shown to our enthusiastic crowd. The children also showcased their  Hindi talent by narrating  a  story,  singing  a  song and  reciting a poem. Videos  of the highly impressive puppet shows  by  our primarians were shown to the primary and the preschool children on Day 3.  The  children used their creative skills to make stories and  puppets for the show. The audience enjoyed  every  bit and  interacted  with  questions  regarding the experiments and projects.

    Middle School Variety Show

    The  middle school ended  the first term with  their  presentations  in the form  of a  variety show,  where  each  group showcased  what  they  had  learned.  As one group worked  on their  newspaper  project another  created  thought up provoking  poems  which  they recited  and  also  converted  a  few  poems  into  artistic  videos  depicting  their  ideas interestingly. Reading and discussing the novel  ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, by the British author J.K. Rowling,  subsequently  inspired  our  middle  schoolers to  create a  fantasy school of witchcraft and wizardry (which they really wished existed) where they could discover  their magical  powers,  just like the young wizards in the novel. The other  group  invented  an  underwater  dreamlike  school!  From  the history  of this  novel  school, its founders, devoted dragons  guarding the  school to a new restructured  Triwizard  tournament,  they designed  everything that they would want to  have in a school.  Moreover,  they  prepared  a  school  newspaper  named  ‘The Daily Owl’ which contained articles,  incredible  illustrations,  new inventions,  besides  interview  report,  comic  and  word search too. While working on this project the teams collaborated and shared ideas, initiated and respected each other’s strengths and had fun as they explored their creative side. Furthermore, presenting their project ideas to an audience was an experience they appreciated, it was an added opportunity for them to reveal their skills.