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    Time: 9:00 am

    Location: Buddhi School, Bangalore

    “Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.” We at Buddhis celebrate this journey. This year everyone together celebrated a world of alphabets, words and fun. And what a wonderful way it was to learn the importance of literacy in our lives. From 13th to 16th December all the children from pre-school students to high school students joined hands to celebrate a week full of activities that showed the importance of literacy to one and all.

    The journey began on the 13th with Alphabet Bingo, Spell Bee and Poster Making. It was an exploration of creativity for our little and young minds. The Spell Bee challenge continued the next day while children battled out in a world of words. It was amazing to see the little ones spell out words like ‘rhapsody’ and ‘mischievous’ with tremendous confidence.

    The ‘Buddhi Post Box’ inspired children and teachers to write letters to each other. The little ‘Postmen’ could be seen delivering the mail very happily. When the letters were delivered, sheer joy could be seen on the faces of the receivers. Who says letter writing is a dying art? Live information and entertainment was broadcasted on our own ‘Live Buddhi Radio Show’.

    Creative displays of talent could be seen in the poems, stories and autobiographies penned by our young poets and writers. Both the little ones and the teachers present had a hilarious time when children came up to tell stories which were fantasy based (Liar!Liar!).

    The last day saw our tiny tots dressed as fruits and vegetables. The ‘strawberry’ and ‘bunch of grapes’ looked stunning and took our breath away. The next group came dressed as characters from popular stories. From Iron Man to Peter Pan, they all were there. What a wonderful time it was!

    Our young adults took the stage to debate whether real heroes do really exist and whether honesty is really the best policy. It was a pleasure to watch them so composed and confident as they put their views across to the audience and argued for their teams.

    If this had not left us suitably impressed then what followed certainly did. Senior and Primary School presented a skit, ‘The Little Mix’ which showed us the traditional fairy tales in a very different way. The acting, script and direction was excellent. And what really took the cake was the mystery movie, ‘The Assumable Murder’, which in keeping with Modi’s ‘Make in India’ theme was completely made by our very own students. I’m sure Alfred Hitchcock would be suitably impressed.

    What a wonderful journey of learning, self-discovery and fun it was! The last station on this journey was the ‘Literary Quiz’. A wide range of questions were asked on topics ranging from Chaucer to War Poets. It was a close competition and a joy to see our students answering questions with both enthusiasm and confidence.

    The final Prize Distribution saw students being felicitated for their performance and appreciated for the efforts they had put in in making this journey both worthwhile and successful.

    “All’s well that ends well”