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    Time: 10:30 am

    Location: School

    On  12th  February,  2020,  we  celebrated 16 years  of  love, learning,  joy,  togetherness  and friendship! Since it’s inception in February of  2004,  Buddhi  has grown from  an early learning  center to a full  fledged school  today, offering education up to secondary and  higher  secondary years,  and all  the while maintaining its very special character!

    Our principal, Mrs. Rajeshwari Kulkarni took us on a wonderful trip down memory lane and made it a joyous occasion for everyone at school.

    The middle and high schoolers baked marble cakes to mark this day and Mrs. Uma Naidu and Ms. Amuda  who  have  both  been  part  of  our  teaching  team  since the  early  days,  had  the honour  of cutting the celebration cake. Anmol and  Eshan  who started  school at our  ‘Dollars Colony’  campus as little preschoolers, and remembering their time there  well, were thrilled  to be  given the first bite of the cake.

    The Children were all very excited to see a collage of throwback pictures  from  16  years  ago while  older  students  and  teachers  alike  crowded  over  these pictures,  some  reminiscing  delightedly and others looking on with  great  curiousity.  Needless  to  say there were  plenty  of  questions  and  chatter  all  around. The highlight was a  picture of  a teacher carrying  a  toothless  toddler  in  her arms,  and of course  there were  no  scores  for  guessing who!  Yes,  it was our  very  own dear  Principal – Raji ma’am, and in her arms was none other than  little Yasho with  her unmistakable grin!


    Slices of  the marble  cake were  served to all and the  students and  children  were thrilled to bits knowing they had baked it themselves! It was a great celebration and one that made us all reflect on what makes Buddhi one of a kind and a great place to learn and grow!