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    Time: 9:00 am:00 am

    Location: Buddhi School, Hessaraghatta Campus

    The Buddhi School Annual Athletic Meet -2016 held at Hessarghatta Campus had all the students participate with true spirit of sportsmanship. The students were been divided in to 5 groups, with boys and girls separately.

    Amongst the seniors, Daneesh won 3 gold medals, Aarav Kumar won, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal and Sanniya secured 2 gold and 1 silver demonstrating their athletic ability.

    In Junior Group-1  Boys category  Aadith and Krishna secured 3 gold and 3 silver respectively. K. Rhea  secured one gold and one silver and Naynatara  also  one gold and one silver. Riya Shetty secured 2 bronze medals.

    In Junior group-2 Girls section Yashodhara secured 2 gold, 1 bronze, Eeksha secured 2 silver and one gold medals.  In Boys section Adikishore secured  2 silver, 1 gold, Yaswin secured  2 gold.

    In Sub Junior group-1 Aarav secured 3 gold medal and Ranveer secured 3 silver and Tanmaya secured 2 bronze medals in Boys category. In Girls category  Shikha secured 2 gold, Navya, secured 2 silver, 1 bronze, Urvi 2 bronze medals.

    In Sub Junior Group-2 Anmol secured 2 gold, 1 silver, Eashan 2 silver, 1 bronze, Rudraksh secured 2 Bronze and 1gold.

    The organisers had arranged lunch for all parents, participants and other staff. Parents were invited to distribute medals to all the winners.