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  • Aug

    Time: 5:30 pm

    Location: Alliance Francaise

                                                                       Aladdin a Buddhi Musical

    Buddhi’s bi-annual production Nebula 2019 featured ‘Aladdin, the Musical’ was presented on August 29th at Alliance Francaise, and it was a spectacular show filled with high energy! Envisaged and executed brilliantly by our students and teachers, it met all expectations of an enthralled audience. The cheer from excited parents was encouraging, appreciating the performances of the actors as the scenes unfolded, and later their reviews about the children’s stage presence and on the setting all indicate how much they enjoyed this production.

    On the day of the show, in spite of a couple of months of preparation, practice and costume rehearsals, our young actors still seemed a little nervous initially, but once the play commenced they all got into their roles and performed confidently.  We  could  see  how engrossed the actors were throughout. Older students and young children, captivated  the audience with amazing talent and kept them glued to their seats for the whole duration of the show. The scene of the royal procession, when Aladdin entered the auditorium on a handmade elephant delighted the audience so much that they burst into applause, cheering the procession with gusto.

    After the show our special guest, Dr. Ali Khwaja, shared his thoughts by appreciating the performance, saying how much he enjoyed the show and emphasised on the powerful message the play conveyed. He reminded us of the ‘expectations’ each of us have from our children, comparing it to the Sultan’s expectations from his daughter Princess Jasmine, and how we all fail to pay heed to what our children really need, what they really are passionate about and what truly interests them.

    Needless to say, our students had thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience of  rehearsing,  preparing props, choreographing and learned immensely from the whole process. It will stay with them throughout their lives and the memories will be all the more precious!

    A few highlights and firsts in this production – we incorporated new ideas such as integrating digital ‘special effects’ & technologies for projected backdrops with the beautifully hand crafted props & paintings, special lighting & sound, and studio recording of all songs in order to support the singers on stage. What’s more, the entrance to the auditorium was crafted as a cave, as were the auditorium walls, to help transport the audience into the fantastic world of genies and magic even before the curtains opened. Lastly, students and children were awarded special badges and citations by Dr. Ali Khwaja in recognition of their extraordinary contributions both in creative and participation efforts.