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Trip to Doddaballapur Pegasus Camp

The Primary children started for the Pegasus Camp in Doddaballapur on 12th Dec 2017. The children thoroughly enjoyed the one and a half hour journey munching on snacks and and chattering happily all the way. An excited bunch of kids were welcomed at their destination with awesome nimbu paani and delicious cream biscuits, which they devoured with gusto! After exploring the campus with its really tall Burma Bridge, they set out for a trek to the lake. The children enjoyed the lovely terrain and watched the serene sunset by the lake. They returned to camp by nightfall and settled into their tents – another highly exciting affair!. After some free play they proceeded to dinner where they were greeted by a bright and blazing bonfire. Imagine their delight and excitement as they went about their meal dancing around the fire.

The next day was packed with activities. After a sumptuous breakfast, the children were guided by their host, Mr Girish for the marble activity. This was a game of strategy and the children were grouped into two presented the challenge of moving the marbles from one end to the other using pipes. They had to think of an effective strategy as well as exercise great teamwork and patience – no easy feat! Finally one team succeeded and the game ended with a lot of cheering and celebration.

The next morning after a hearty breakfast, the children were taken on a tour around the camp plantation by the gardner, Mr Srinivas who showed and explained the vegetative propagation done in plants. The children each planted flower saplings in flower pots much to their delight and couldn’t contain their excitement as they were handed hoes to dig up soil to sow seeds. They did it all with great enthusiasm and like proper young farmers!

From farm to field was the next experience which had them showing their mettle on the the human web, where they had to negotiate the intricate structure without getting entangled. Working with their mates, they showed teamwork,  calculative strategy and coordination all of which they had learned during their previous activity. It was interesting to watch how the children coordinated among themselves and supported each other in overcoming their obstacle. Small wonder that all of them succeeded.

After a delicious lunch which had some home grown vegetables, the children go together to plan their night party. As the afternoon heat subsided, they all gathered at the obstacle course on the field again. This time they had to negotiate the entire course individually, which they did with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. They cleared each hurdle with surprising determination that seemed to have been born of the time they had spent outdoors during the last 24 hours and cleared the course without a hitch. The very very tall Burma Bridge of course was the most popular of the hurdles and traversing it was great fun and also made them feel supremely confident and fearless!

The highly awaited party was next on the agenda which had the children rollicking and jumping as they danced around the bonfire and had their dinner. A tired and happy bunch of kids finally flopped into their sleeping bags and slept soundly inside their cosy tents.

Waking up early the next day, they packed up their stuff, gathered for breakfast which they had amid a lot of excited chatter. After thanking their hosts at the camp they set back for home satisfied and happy!