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Welcome To Buddhi School

Welcome to Term 2 of Year 2020. We are now operating in a remote learning environment to ensure that continuity of education is maintained for our students. As always, customising and tailoring learning for every child and student will be preserved, and new students joining us will also be part of our remote learning program. Our office is functioning remotely too, so please get in touch with us via email for more information and new enrollments.

Introducing Buddhi - an excellent school providing comprehensive education and offering the best in international preschool, primary, lower secondary and high school education practices. A unique facility, located in north Bangalore, India, our school is designed to reflect a home-at-school environment. What is special however, is our value for individual differences and the emphasis on all-round development. With a blend of skill based, child-led and understanding oriented learning, the Buddhi educational approach emphasises on “unschooling” children and seamlessly graduates them from an activity focused curriculum in the early years to an examination focused program in high school.

Our learning program at Preschool and Primary is based on New Zealand’s early childhood and primary curriculums while we offer Edexcel’s lower secondary curriculum in the middle years. Our high school program offers Edexcel’s IGCSE & IAL/A Levels as well as the NIOS secondary and higher secondary examinations.

Admissions are currently open for the following:

  • Pre-school 2020 terms
  • Primary, Middle & High School - Academic year 2020

Contact the school office for admission related queries and information about our programs.
Visiting hours: 10:00 am to 2.30 pm on prior appointments only

Telephone: 9242020302 Email: info@buddhischool.com